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The development and emergence of new processes / materials applicable / used in civil aviation in recent times, has created the need to form groups at the level of the European Union in order to identify and establish complementary requirements for maintaining or increasing the level of safety.
A relevant group is NAAMN - National Aviation Authority Materials Network, a group to which all the Aviation Authorities of the Member States of the European Union have been invited, currently consisting of representatives of 11 European Aviation Authorities.

NAA Materials Network (NAAMN) 


Focal First Name Focal Family Name Focal Function within NAA e-mail address


Bart Abbes Aircraft Structures Specialist


Tomaz Franc Specialist -Aircraft Design Section


Andreas Boss Inspector


Dietmar Goldschmidt


Karen Mueller National Standardisation Coordinator (NSC) Luftfahrt-Bundesamt Karen.Mueller@LBA.DE


Bostjan Palcic Airworthiness Inspector


Alexandru George Musat Airworthiness Inspector


Margus Keerman Senior Inspector Airworthiness

Austro Control

Flrian Glatzl Airworthiness and Certification Surveyor

Trafi (Finland)

Jyrki Laitila Head of Unit, Airworthiness

CAA-Poland -Institute of Aviation

Małgorzata (Margaret) Zalewska Composites Testing Laboratory Manager in the Institute of Aviation


Ted Blacklay Airworthiness Survey -Subject Matter Expert for Materials, Special Processes and NDT


An overview of the legal framework relevant to the field of "Materials and Processes" is:
Basic Regulations (‘hard law’) EC 2018/1139
Annex II 1.1: “Structures and Materials: the integrity of the structure must be ensured throughout, and sufficiently beyond, the operational envelope for the aircraft, including its propulsion system, and maintained for the operational life of the aircraft.
1.c.3. Systems and equipment .....
Regulation No. (748) / 2012
21A.31 Type design… shall consist of: Information on materials and processes and on methods of manufacture and assembly of the product necessary to ensure the conformity of the product
1 ... to be approved by the competent authority include:
- significant changes to production capacity or methods
GM 21.A.147 (a) Changes to the approved production organization - Significant changes
Certification Specifications (‘soft law’)
Limited ‘Material and Process’, e.g. CS 25,603:
Materials suit ‘suitability and durability… based upon experience / test… conform to specifications… consider environment
CS 25.613: Mechanical Strength Properties and Design Values ​​Materials. (a) ..... design values ​​based upon statistical basis.

For additional information on this subject please contact AACR at the email address:

At the level of the European Aviation Safety Agency, an EASA-AM-WG working group was formed (European Aviation Safety Agency - Aditive Manufacturing - Work Group), and in October 2018 a Workshop was held in Sigapore on the subject of Additive Manufacturing. Presentations can be found at:

EASA - Safety Information Bulletin - Relevant Materials & Processes
Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee Newsletter (CACRCN) October 2018


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