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Any comment or suggestion regarding a document in consultation on the website will be sent to The message will contain in the title the name of the document for which the comment or suggestion is sent. The message will also contain the name of the sender, the position he holds, as well as the name of the employer. Messages that do not contain these items will not be considered. Thank you for your cooperation!

Regulatory plan for2023

Regulatory plan for 2020

Regulatory plan for 2019

Regulatory plan for 2018

Regulatory plan for 2017

In order to exercise its powers, AACR develops draft national regulations for civil aeronautics, in order to ensure the implementation and application in Romania of specific national and European legislation, standards and practices recommended by international civil aviation organizations, provisions of international conventions in the field of civil aviation to which Romania is a party. The regulatory activity of the AACR is carried out in a controlled manner. The planning, organization, development and recording of the editing, issuing and repealing activities are integrated and coordinated in a unitary way through the annual regulatory plans.
In order to finalize and / or improve the plan for the current year, please kindly communicate your comments, proposals and suggestions in writing, the messages respecting the following conditions:

  • indication of the name and address of the applicant;
  • a clear, concise expression of the content of the proposed regulation or amendment;
  • an indication of the information, views, arguments and evidence underlying the request, supporting the request from the point of view of the public interest, and relevant arguments showing that issuing / modifying the request leads to increased flight safety does not adversely affect the existing level;
  • the inclusion of a stakeholder risk approach;
  • explaining the applicant's interests in the proposed action.

2. Post-implementation questionnaire for regulations - airports
To complete the questionnaires will be printed, will be scanned after the competition and will be sent to the email address:

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