Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Romană

Applicable regulations

  • RACR-TABP aeronautical civil aviation regulation, approved by Order of the Minister of Transport (OMT) no. 488 of 24.03.2015;
  • The requirements of the national RACR-TABP regulations make the provisions of ICAO Annex 18 and the associated technical instructions (“Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air”) Doc 9284 AN / 905 last updated.

Applicable procedures

  • PIAC-TABP civil aviation procedures and instructions detail how the requirements of national and international law regarding the granting, modification, renewal, suspension or revocation of the air transport authorization of dangerous goods and / or related activities must be met.

Other information
Shippers must fulfill a number of obligations when presenting dangerous goods in air transport. These obligations relate to:

  • staff training,
  • classification, packaging, marking, labeling, storage and handling of dangerous goods and related documentation (including declaration of dangerous goods).

These obligations are set out in Annex 18 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Technical Instructions on the Safety of Transport of Dangerous Goods in this regard (Doc 9284 AN / 905 and against payment), as last updated.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

  • The product safety data sheet, prepared by the supplier (manufacturer, importer or distributor), provides information on the hazards of this product. It also specifies the possible classification of the product as a dangerous product in terms of regulations: UN number, class / division, etc. This information can be found in section 14 of the safety data sheet.
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