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The document that procedures the activity of aeronautical radio frequency management (from ICAO tables COM2, COM3 and COM4) in the Romanian airspace is: PIAC MFRA, edition 2/2017.

The standard forms used in aeronautical radio frequency management are:

1. Application for authorization to use an aeronautical radio frequency for ground-to-air VHF radio stations, in accordance with ICAO table COM2, Annex 1.
Document code: AACR-PIAC.MFRA.01;

2. Application for authorization to use simple aeronautical radio frequencies or colloquial frequencies for radio navigation equipment in accordance with ICAO table COM3, Annex 2.
Document code: AACR-PIAC.MFRA.02;

3. Application for authorization to use an aeronautical radio frequency for radionavigation equipment in accordance with ICAO table COM4, ​​Annex 3.
Document code: AACR-PIAC.MFRA.03;

NOTE: From 1 January 2018, it is mandatory to use frequencies with a deviation of 8.33kHz in controlled airspace according to Implementing Regulation (EU) no. Commission Regulation (EU) No 1079/2012 of 16 November 2012 establishing the requirements for the gap between the voice channels for the single European sky.

In order to convert an existing frequency with a deviation of 25kHz to one with a deviation of 8.33kHz, the form AACR-PIAC.MFRA.01 must be completed.

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 1079/2012, the introduction of the 8.33 kHz discrepancy between voice channels in the aeronautical communications and sub-flight level band FL195 is a requirement that has precise implementation deadlines for both the air navigation service provider. as well as for aircraft operators. In this regard, the European Commission has shown from the outset a direct interest in monitoring the progress made by states in implementing the provisions of the regulation, designating Network Manager as the entity responsible for monitoring and reporting in the sense of those presented.

In order to correctly inform the partners in the aviation industry, AACR transmits through communication channels, to all interested parties, an information package documenting the conversion process and which can provide answers to a series of questions related to the implementation method, deadlines established, monitoring at European level, flight planning, communication equipment, directions of action for implementation, as follows:

  • 8.33kHz Voice Channel Spacing (VCS) Implementation Handbook - a manual developed by the Network Manager working group, which aims to unify in a single document the recommendations on institutional arrangements, flight planning, operational procedures, aircraft equipment, flight safety and aeronautical frequency management;
  • EUROCONTROL Guidelines on 8.33kHz channel spacing for military operators - a compilation of information from multiple sources, intended for military air carriers operating in accordance with GAT flight rules, in order to harmonize the implementation of communications with the gap between 8.33 kHz.
  • Implementing Regulation (EU) no. 1079/2012 of the Commission, Romanian version, updated with the latest amendments;
  • Implementing Regulation (EU) no.  No 1079/2012, English version, updated with the latest amendments;
  • Letter of designation from the Commission giving Network Manager the central role in coordinating the implementation of the regulation;
  • The reply letter by which the Network Manager sends to the Commission the acceptance of the position of coordinator of the implementation process of the communications with a gap of 8.33 kHz below FL195;
  • ITY-AGVCS2 - extract from the European ATM Master Plan which establishes the main directions of action and how to comply with the requirements of the regulation;
  • AIC A01 / 16, Aeronautical information circular published in AIP Romania 01.07.2016, with reference to R (EU) 1079/2012;
  • IFPS USERS MANUAL, which in detail details how to complete the FPL flight plan form with reference to radiocommunication equipment with a capacity of 8.33 kHz;

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