Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Romană


POA Production Organizations /
The activity is carried out according to the Procedure PI-AW-IAW - ED 1-SEPT-2015

For the POA with the main headquarters in Romania for which AACR is designated as Competent Authority in Romania, Member State of the European Union, thus exercising its tasks and responsibilities in establishing, implementing, implementing and maintaining specific policies and objectives.
In order to be able to demonstrate that it has the capacity and means to fulfill its obligations as well as the privileges related to the authorization granted, the production organization must comply with the technical requirements adopted at European level, ie those contained in Regulation (EU) no. 748/2012, Annex I, Part 21, as well as the subsequent regulations amending it, respectively to the AMCs and the associated GMs.

   1. Initial POA authorization

Granting, by AACR, of an authorization for the first time.

Documents / Forms
Letter of Intent for the authorization of the POA - Form N / A
Self-assessment checklist

   2. Continuous Supervision of Authorized Production Organizations

In order to maintain a Certificate of Authorization, the production organization must permanently prove that the conditions of the authorization have been maintained.

The authorization conditions represent:

  • continuous compliance of the organization with the provisions of Part-21 / G;

allowing AACR access to conduct its own investigations with the production organization, including its partners, subcontractors and suppliers, whether or not they are in the State of the holder.

  • the fulfillment by the organization of the financial conditions stipulated in the AACR pricing documents in force.

Documents / Forms 
Certificate of Authorized Commissioning
Declaration of Conformity
Commissioning Certificate,
Issuance of Flight Authorization
EASA Form 18B Production Conditions Approval Form.
   3. Modification of the authorization domain

Extension or restriction of the authorization scope specified in the authorization certificate.

   4. Significant changes to the POA authorization /

Part-21 / G provides that any change in the production organization, classified as significant to demonstrate the conformity or airworthiness of products / articles (parts and / or equipment), in particular changes to the quality system, must be approved by the AACR.

In accordance with Part-21 / G, the AACR will investigate, as appropriate, any significant change to a production organization's authorization, including a change in the terms of the authorization, notified to it and completed on the EASA Form 51.
Also, in accordance with Part-21 / G, the AACR will establish the conditions under which an approved production organization may operate during these changes, unless the validity of the authorization certificate must be suspended.

Documents / Forms
EASA Form 51

   5. Minor changes to the POA authorization

In accordance with Part-21 / G, the AACR shall monitor through the surveillance program of each approved production organization any minor changes that occur within it after the issuance of the authorization for that production organization.
Minor changes can be defined generically as those changes that cannot have a significant impact on the conformity / airworthiness of each product and / or article (part or piece of equipment), respectively on the organizational structure or the terms of the authorization.

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