Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Romană

In line with and compliant to the SES regulatory framework, when referring to ATM/ANS systems and constituents, in Romania, the design, production, installation and maintenance of ATM/ANS systems and constituents are carried out using the appropriate and validated procedures, in such a way as to ensure the seamless operation of the European air traffic management network (EATMN) at all times and for all phases of flight. Seamless operation can be expressed, in particular, in terms of information-sharing, including the relevant operational status information, common understanding of information, comparable processing performances and the associated procedures enabling common operational performances agreed for the whole or parts of the EATMN.

RCAA makes sure that ATM/ANS systems and ATM/ANS constituents providing related information to and from the aircraft and on the ground are properly designed, produced, installed, maintained, protected against unauthorized interference and operated to ensure that they are fit for their intended purpose.

In compliance with the requirements set in Regulation (EU) no. 2017/373 and the OMT no. 511/14.02.2019, RCAA, as national supervisory authority, must ensure that a process is in place in order to verify implementation of safety objectives, safety requirements and other safety-related conditions identified in declarations of verification of systems, including any relevant declaration of conformity or suitability for use of constituents of systems issued in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 552/2004.

PIAC-ATM/ANS, Part III, Interoperability of EATMN systems, constituents and associated procedures, establishes the procedures and instructions for carrying out conformity assessment of EATMN systems and constituents, together with associated procedures, according with specific requirements set by Regulation (EU) no. 2018/1139.

Also, PIAC-ATM/ANS, Part III, Interoperability of EATMN systems, constituents and associated procedures, establishes the processes that are in place within the RCAA in order to ensure compliance with the requirements set by Regulation (EU) no. 2018/1139 in Romania, by applying the concept of authorization and compliance monitoring of systems and constituents.

Therefore, before putting into service for operational use of any ATM/ANS system or constituent, ATM/ANS service providers certified in Romania must send in a request for the authorization of that given system or constituent.

Such a request shall be addressed to the RCAA Director General according with the process described in PIAC-ATM/ANS, Part III, whereas the Technical File and (EC) Declarations of conformity/suitability for use and verification must comply with a predefined format. Also, demonstration of compliance with the interoperability requirements must be documented using a predefined Compliance Matrix.

In Romania, flight inspections for demonstration of compliance with ICAO requirements are carried out by the RCAA using its own aircraft.

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