Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Romană



Person responsible for disseminating information of public interest:


Phone: +40.21 208 15 90

Fax: +40 21 208 15 72  


The Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority has the legal status of autonomous administration of national public interest, operating under the authority of the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications as a central public authority, being applied the provisions of Law no. 544/2001 on free access to information of public interest, according to which it is obliged to ensure citizens' access to information of public interest ex officio or upon request, through the person designated for this purpose.

Any natural or legal person has the right to request and obtain, freely and unrestrictedly, from the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority, in compliance with the legal provisions, the information of public interest resulting from the activities of the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority.

The access to the information of public interest communicated ex officio is made:

- By publishing it on the AACR website;                                

- By consultation, at the AACR headquarters, at the information-documentation points.

In order to facilitate the drafting of the request and the administrative complaint, AACR provides the interested person with standardized Forms 1 and 2, drawn up in accordance with the provisions of the Methodological Norm for the application of Law 544/2001 on free access to information of public interest.

The request for information of public interest, other than that communicated ex officio in accordance with the legal provisions, will be addressed to the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority, under the conditions of art. 6 of Law no. 544/2001.

Natural or legal persons wishing to request RA-AACR information of public interest concerning the areas of activity under the responsibility of RA-AACR must address in writing to the General Manager of RA-AACR / Spokesperson of RA-AACR (PC) .

In order to obtain information / copies of documents of public interest, the applicant completes Form 1 of this guide, provided by the RA-AACR registry or downloaded from the RA-AACR website ( ).  

The application can be submitted by the applicant to the RA-AACR registry or can be sent by e-mail to the General Manager of RA-AACR or to the PC at the e-mail addresses: and / or .   

The services of copying the requested documents in written format are charged according to the fees charged by RA-AACR. ( ). 


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