Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Romană

Flight preparation organizations for LAPL, PPL, SPL and BPL and associated qualifications or associated certificates

Organizations requesting certification by the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority must demonstrate that they meet the following requirements:

  1. within the organization a person in charge of training (HT) is nominated in accordance with AMC1 ORA.ATO.110 (b).
  2. The HT will be accepted by the AACR following an interview.
  3. Instructors in the training organization must comply with the requirements in accordance with AMC1 ORA.ATO.110 (c).
  4. The applicant organization shall maintain records of its activities in accordance with AMC1 ORA.ATO.120 (a);(b);
  5. The requesting organization must submit for approval to the AACR responsible department an SMS manual, a training manual and an operations manual in accordance with ORA.ATO.130. and complying with the requirements specified by AMC1 ORA.GEN.230 (a);(b):
  • SMS Manual  - the manual that describes the implementation of the SMS system in the organization.
  • Operations Manual. The Operations Manual is one of the main tools through which a training organization ensures a safe conduct of training activities. The responsible AACR department approves the Operations Manual and requires that the Operations Manual be amended in accordance with the applicable regulations. Responsibility for the content, procedures for use and use of the Operations Manual remains clear to the training organization. The technical analysis performed by AACR on the competence of the training organization cannot be considered completed unless a careful examination has been performed by the inspectors with attributions and responsibilities in the relevant fields of the proposed Operations Manual. It is essential that the structure and content of the proposed Operations Manual are always relevant and appropriate to the intended training activities.
  • Training Manual. A training organization must develop a Training Manual that allows staff to fulfill their training responsibilities, and students, how to achieve the training objectives. The Instruction Manual must contain the standards, the objectives for each stage of each training course, which the students must go through.
  • Monitoring Compliance System. The responsible AACR department will perform an evaluation of the monitoring compliance system proposed by the organization to determine its effectiveness.

The responsible AACR department must be approving how the organization meets the specific requirements regarding the efficiency of the Monitoring Compliance System. A violation of the certification requirements is considered the situation in which AACR considers that the Monitoring Compliance System cannot function or cannot achieve its objectives.
AACR will not be able to accept the situation in which the Responsible Manager does not have sufficient funds or decision power to remedy the deficiencies revealed by the monitoring compliance control.

Additional conditions for flight training organizations for CPL, MPL and ATPL and associated qualifications or certificates

The flight preparation organizations CPL, MPL and ATPL and the associated qualifications or associated certificates must comply with the additional personnel conditions provided by AMC1 ORA.ATO.210 and AMC2 ORA.ATO.210.

Authorization of flight training organizations (ATO)

The training organization must complete (ORA-ATO-S and ORA-ATO - C – PH AMC1 ORA.ATO.105) by which it must demonstrate how the ATO complies and which must mention:

  1. Organization name, address, contact details
  2. Courses offered by the organization
  3. Detailed structure of management - names and qualifications of management and instructors. Conforming the organization and the management structure with the proposed goals;
  4. Requirements for instructors, CGI, CFI and HT (head of training);
  5. List of training aircraft and associated documents;
  6. List of training aerodromes and associated facilities;
  7. List of synthetic training equipment and associated approvals, if any;
  8. Description of the facilities where the theoretical training takes place;
  9. Situation regarding the availability of airplanes / helicopters, equipment and training facilities, as well as instructors;
  10. Course programs and training manuals corresponding to the courses conducted;
  11. Specimens of training record and training verification forms;
  12. SMS manual
  13. Operations and training manuals;
  14. Description of the Monitoring Compliance System;
  15. Proof of adequate funding.

The audit for authorization, the head of the Personal Certification department will appoint an inspector from the responsible Personal Certification department who will be responsible for coordinating the authorization process.
The designated inspector, as well as the other inspectors participating in the authorization process, must know in detail all the requirements of EU 1178/2011 and EU 290/2012, respectively of other applicable regulations, of the associated procedures in accordance with AMC and the relevant GMs. ATO will allow AACR inspectors access to all documents, compartments and locations involved in the training process.
For the conditions mentioned by AMC1 ORA.ATO.125, the AACR Personal Certification department will collaborate with the department responsible for the Supervision of Air Operations - AACR.
For the conditions mentioned by AMC1 ORA.ATO.135, the AACR Personal Certification department will collaborate with the department responsible for Airworthiness - AACR.
For the conditions mentioned by AMC1 ORA.ATO.140 135 the AACR Personnel Certification department will collaborate with the responsible Airports Infrastructure - AACR department.
For the authorization of distance courses, the audit will be made based on the provisions mentioned by AMC1 ORA.ATO.300.
For the authorization of the courses without training on the aircraft, the audit will be made based on the provisions mentioned by AMC1 ORA.ATO.330.
The inspection aims to comply with the ATO with the regulatory requirements in the following areas:

  1. Personnel - adequate number and qualifications - flight instructors - validity of licenses and qualifications - registrations;
  2. Aircraft for training - registration - associated documents - maintenance records;
  3. Facilities - corresponding to the courses carried out and the number of students;
  4. Documentation - documents associated with the courses - updating system - training and operational manuals;
  5. Training evidence and training verification forms;
  6. Flight instructions, including pre-flight briefing, in-flight briefing and post-flight briefing
  7. Monitoring Compliance system;
  8. Proof of adequate funding.
    The authorization granted to a flight training organization (ATO) is valid for an unlimited period unless it is suspended or revoked by the Director General of AACR on the proposal of the Head of the department responsible for AACR for objective reasons. ATO will be able to organize only the courses for which it has approval and which are relevant to the Part-FCL license, which have been requested through the Form (ORA-ATO-S - AMC1 ORA.ATO.105).

The certification of the training organization will be issued on the EASA form 143.

Any subsequent change that occurred during the approval period, regarding the management structure or of another nature, which may influence the training process, must be brought to the attention of AACR and may lead to the modification of the certificate.

Waiver of authorization of flight training organizations (ATO)
The training organization must complete an address to the Director General of AACR by which it must renounce the certificate of Flight Preparation Organization. The organization must attach the original certificate together with its annexes which will be destroyed by the department responsible for AACR Personal Certification.
(ii) adversely affects the safety requirements applicable to that field in accordance with national and international regulations;
(iii) contributed to one or more civil aviation events;
(iv) does not repeatedly comply with corrective actions and AACR requests;
(v) fails to perform his / her duties by occupying the position for which he / she has been accepted by the AACR.
(vi) in case of withdrawal of the acceptability of a nominated person in a managerial position, the training organization must communicate to AACR, within 10 days, the person who will provide the interim for the respective managerial position and, within 15 consecutive days, to propose to AACR a new person according.
(vii) if the training organization does not submit a new proposal within the specified time, AACR reserves the right to take additional measures to ensure the safety of the flight.
Organization of the acceptability procedure:

(i) After the registration of the application, the documentation is sent to the General Director of the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority and, subsequently, reaches the responsible department of AACR, which coordinates the entire acceptance process.
(ii) For acceptance into the mandatory managerial position, each nominee must successfully complete an evaluation procedure organized at AACR in order to prove the knowledge of the aeronautical legislation, regulations and procedures in force specific to the respective operation.
(iii) In order to complete the evaluation procedure of the person nominated by the operator to occupy a mandatory managerial position, the evaluation commission will be composed of the persons holding the following positions or their replacements, as the case may be:
- head of the Personnel Certification department - president,
- the licensing inspector within the Personnel Certification department designated as responsible for the respective ATO - secretary of the commission
(iv) The commission thus constituted will analyze the documents sent by the training organization, will decide if it is necessary to evaluate the nominated person on the obligatory managerial position respectively at the AACR headquarters at a later established date.
(v) In order to be acceptable to AACR, the person nominated by the training organization for the mandatory managerial position must meet the qualification and experience requirements required by AACR provided in AMC1 ORA.ATO.210 and AMC2 ORA.ATO.210.
(vi) Careful analysis of the qualifications of holders of mandatory managerial positions is of particular importance. Increased attention is paid to the previous experience of the nominees.
(vii) The notification regarding the need to interview the candidate shall be sent to the training organization, in writing, under the signature of the Head of the Personal Certification department, at least 5 days before the scheduled date of the interview. The evaluation commission, convened in the meeting, will ask the nominee:
- to clarify or detail the unclear points identified in the activity of the nominated person;
- to prove the knowledge of the provisions of its own Operations and Training Manual, of the applicable regulations and of the present procedure, through an interview, held before the AACR commission.
(viii) The interview shall take place under the chairmanship of the chairman of the committee, and the summary of the interview shall be recorded in the minutes by the secretary of the committee. At the end of the evaluation procedure, including, as the case may be, the interview, the evaluation commission will take a decision and will sign a Minutes. After signing the Minutes, the secretary of the evaluation commission will draw up a notification to the operator, signed by the Head of the Personal Certification department, by which he will be sent the acceptance / rejection of the proposed nomination. in case of rejection of the nomination, the reasons for rejection will be specified. in case the nominated person is not accepted by AACR, the operator may file an appeal within 10 days from the date of sending the notification by AACR.
The appeal will be addressed to the General Director of AACR who will analyze the development of the evaluation process of the nominated person and will decide in one of the following ways:
(i) reject the appeal;
(ii) accepts the appeal, situation in which the evidence is inconsistent and convincing, reviews the decision taken by the evaluation commission and will grant the acceptance of the person nominated by the training organization for the obligatory managerial position.
Procedure for withdrawal of acceptability. in case one of the situations presented above intervened in the activity of a person in a mandatory managerial position, the head of the Personal Certification department of AACR will take the decision to withdraw the acceptance of the person in question and will inform the General Director of AACR. The decision to withdraw acceptance, as well as the reasons that led to this decision will be urgently communicated to the Director General of the training organization involved. The training organization involved, which has taken note of the decision to withdraw the acceptance of a person in a mandatory managerial position, will urgently communicate to AACR the person who will temporarily hold the position until the finalization of the nomination and acceptance of a new person. .

Financial resources
A training organization must demonstrate to AACR that it has sufficient funds to conduct the training process to the approved standards, which is a guarantee of the financial soundness that underlies the organization. The financial statement is an indication, based on the financial information provided, that the organization authorized or wishing to authorize can provide sufficient facilities and qualified staff so that the training activity can be performed in accordance with the relevant Part-FCL training requirements.
The application for authorization must be supported by a business plan, which covers the required approval period and which includes at least the following information:
i) Training facilities and number of students. Details, as appropriate, on:
- number and types of training aircraft used;
- number of flight instructors and ground instructors employed;
- number of classrooms and other types of training facilities (synthetic training devices, etc.) intended for use;
- infrastructure (staff offices, operational rooms, briefing rooms, rest rooms, hangars, etc.);
- the planned number of students (per month and course);
ii) Financial details:
- capital expenditures necessary to provide the planned facilities;
- income forecasts for the approval period;
- details regarding any other financial trading arrangement that the organization has committed, relevant to the training activity.
The plan submitted in support of an application for initial authorization, for its extension or for renewal of the authorization shall be accompanied by a financial statement from the applicant's bank representatives or auditors certifying that the applicant has sufficient financial resources to carry out its activity. training required for authorization according to Part-FCL standards. The declaration will be necessary whenever the applicants wish to significantly change their area of ​​activity, in addition to those described in the initial plan.
Continuous monitoring
After issuance, if AACR has reason to suspect that the standards of EU regulations 1178/2011 and EU 290/2012 are not met or cannot be complied with due to a lack or apparent lack of financial resources, AACR may request the organization to submit in writing the proof of the existence of sufficient funds for the development of the activity. Any written presentation of such proof shall be accompanied by a statement signed by the bank (s) used by the applicant.

Application for an organisation certificate

Applicants for an initial certificate shall provide the competent authority with documentation demonstrating how they will comply with the requirements established in Regulation (EC) No. 216/2008 and its Implementing Rules. Such documentation shall include a procedure describing how changes not requiring prior approval will be managed and notified to the RoCAA.

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