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  • The transfer request is completed handwritten by the holder using the SOLI Form (Annex F - PIAC-MED).
  • The SOLI form, signed in its own name by the holder, is submitted in original to the registry of the competent authority.
  • The identity of the eligible applicant is confirmed by attaching a copy of the identity document to the application.

Functions for which Aeromedical Certification is required:

  • Aircraft pilots (CPL, ATPL, PPL, LAPL), helicopter, balloon, glider
  • Cabin crew
  • PART 66 and LPTA Technical Staff
  • Air Traffic Controllers


The functions for which the Transport Safety Notice is required according to MT Order no. 1256/2013:

  • Aeronautical Meteorologists and Technical Personnel for the Protection of Air Navigation (PNA-TC)
  • Technical Staff for Air Navigation Services
  • Dispatchers for Flight Operations
  • Grounding Staff

Minimum requirements for obtaining and maintaining authorization from AME & AeMC:

Conditions for initial authorization for Class 2:

  • To be a doctor member of the College of Physicians holding a certificate of authorization for free professional practice with a visa within the validity period
  • To be a certified doctor in one of the specialties according to Directive 2005/26 / EC on the recognition of qualifications at European level
  • To be a graduate doctor of the faculty of general medicine
  • To be a graduate of the basic course in aeronautical medicine organized according to the applicable PIAC-MED: for AME examiner in Class 2, LAPL and cabin crew
  • To have the necessary facilities to carry out the investigations required by EU Regulation 1178/2011 for the medical certification of civil aeronautical personnel

Conditions for extending AME privileges to Class 1:

  • To be a graduate of the advanced course in aeronautical medicine according to PIAC-MED applicable for AME examiner in Class 1
  • To have the practical experience of AME under the direct supervision of the AeMC or of the specialized inspectors within AACR - to attend as an observer at 50 class 1 examinations

Conditions for extending AME privileges to Class 3:

  • To be a graduate of the advanced course in aeronautical medicine as well as practical experience about the conditions in which air traffic controllers operate according to PIAC-LCTA

Maintaining the AME authorization:

  • Preservation of the initial authorization conditions
  • Carrying out recurrent training according to the applicable PIAC-MED
  • Achieving the minimum necessary number of aero-medical examinations.

AME privileges:

  • They may perform medical examinations and issue / revalidate / renew medical certificates and medical reports for aeronautical personnel classes in accordance with the authorization issued by AACR.
  • The AME may redirect or refuse the issuance of a medical certificate if the medical requirements are not met

AME obligations:

  • AME informs AACR about any change in the authorization conditions
  • AME is constantly informed about the legislative changes in the medical and civil aviation fields
  • AME performs the medical examination and / or evaluation in accordance with the requirements and procedures in force
  • AME redirects to the Department of Aeronautical Medicine of AACR the cases class 1 and 3 at the limit / that do not meet the aptitude conditions according to the EU Regulation 1178/2011
  • AME consults with the Aeronautical Medicine Department (CMA) of AACR regarding class 2 cases and cabin crew that do not meet the aptitude conditions according to EU Regulation 1178/2011
  • All examination documents and investigations will be made available to the CMA for audits and inspections.
  • All aero-medical files will be sent to the CMA following the examinations within one week from the date of the aptitude decision.
  • All aero-medical files will be sent to the Aeromedical Section of the competent authority where the applicant's professional license is located.
  • AME respects the decisions of the CMA in their entirety
  • AME revalidates / renews a medical certificate only if the previous medical certificate is presented or after obtaining the CMA confirmation
  • AME permanently respects medical confidentiality. AME has restriction facilities that securely limit access to patients' medical records
  • AME allows the access of CMA inspectors in the medical office for the inspection of facilities with or without notice.
  • AME informs AACR if it is being investigated by the control bodies for medical malpractice or if its right to free practice has been suspended.
  • AME notifies AACR of any change in contact details.
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