Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Romană

Flight procedure design organisations are allowed to provide flight procedure services in FIR Bucuresti only if authorised by AACR, except when European regulation states otherwise.

In order to obtain the flight procedure design providers authorisation in FIR Bucuresti, the organisations must submit to AACR:
a) Authorisation application requesting to provide flight procedure design services in FIR Bucuresti. This must include the following information:
   (1) Name and address of the applicant;
   (2) Name and contact details of:
      (i) Organization manager;
      (ii) Name of the person/ persons designated by the flight procedure design organization as point / points of contact with AACR;
   (3) Declaration of compliance with the requirements of this regulation, signed by the responsible manager, indicating the permanent compliance of the requirements by the design organization.
b) Authorisation documentation necessary to prove the fulfilment of the requirements of the present regulation;
c) Proof of payment of the authorisation fee.
Authorisation documentation contains:
a) Quality Manual witch must comply at least with the requirements:
   1. ICAO Doc. 9906 “Quality Assurance Manual for Flight Procedure Design”, vol. 1, Appendix;
   2. ICAO Doc 8168 “Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations”, vol. 2, Part I, section 2, Chapter 4.
b) Flight procedures to demonstrate compliance with the requirements detailed in Chapter 4 of RACR-CPPZI;
c) Documents certifying the provision of hardware and software resources, as well as the personnel competence;
d) List of types of instrument flight procedures for which AACR authorisation is requested (types of instrument flight procedures accepted are in accordance with DOC. ICAO 8168 “Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations”)

During the certification process, AACR may request the flight procedure design organisation to provide other documents that may clarify any aspects of the authorisation documentation. 

The instrument flight design organisation shall be responsible for the completeness and correctness of the information/data contained in the documentation submitted to AACR for authorisation.

Documents written in other language than Romanian, will be submitted to AACR with an authenticated translation.

The duration of the documents analysis process submitted for authorisation to AACR, is of maximum 45 days from the day of submission of the application with the necessary documentation.  

The duration of the authorisation process is extended with the same time intervals in which the flight procedure design organisation complies with the additional requirements formulated by AACR (completion of the documentation initially submitted, implementation of corrective measures, etc.).

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