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Definitions and explanations of used terms


hazardous materials and any other types of cargo that, by their nature, may affect national security of Romania

dangerous goods classified according to ICAO Doc 9284 as: explosives (class 1), desensitized explosives in liquids (class 3 -  codes UN1204, UN2059, UN3064, UN3343, UN3357 and UN3379), infectious substances (class 6, division 6.2, category A - codes UN2814, UN2900) and radioactive materials (Class 7).


Extreme urgency

It is considered extremely urgent if the transport in question is considered urgent for the following reasons:

    • humanitarian aid;
    • improving the environment;
    • pestilence;
    • national or international security;
    • saving lives (for example, saving); and
    • limited availability at destination.


Requests for derogation based solely on commercial grounds will not be considered urgent. In such cases, the transport of dangerous goods by other means of transport must be taken into account.


other forms of transport are inappropriate

It is taken into account when, although the transport of dangerous goods by other forms of transport is possible, but as a result of a risk assessment the transport by these means becomes inappropriate for the following reasons:

    • Length of journey. Transport by other forms may result in an unrealistic journey time and could affect the viability of the dangerous goods.
    • Infrastructure. The availability of other forms of transport may be limited.
    • Security. The comprehensive security provisions of the air mode may reduce the possibility of unlawful interference (theft, etc.).
    • Routing. Transport by air may result in a reduced risk of exposure of the public to the dangerous goods in the event of an incident or accident. The risk of piracy may also be significantly reduced.
    • Cost. The cost of carriage by other forms of transport may be economically unreasonable. 


A waiver will not be granted on the sole ground of a ground of cost. In such cases, the transport of dangerous goods by other means of transport must be taken into account.


full compliance with the Doc 9284  is contrary to the public interest

When full compliance with the ICAO Doc 9284 is contrary to the public interest, for example:

    • medical applications
    • new technologies
    • enhancements in safety.


CNCAN authorization

In accordance with the provisions of Government Decision no. 859/2021, for radioactive materials (class 7) it is necessary to obtain a prior authorization from the National Commission for the Control of Nuclear Activities (CNCAN).

This authorization must be attached to the application to the AACR for the granting of the derogation!

NOTE: The authorization granted by CNCAN also means the letter by which CNCAN informs the applicant that for the radioactive materials in question, it is not necessary to issue an authorization.

The CNCAN contact details are as follows:



B-dul Libertății Nr. 14, Sector 5


Fax: +40-(0)21-3173887

Tel: +40-(0)21-3160572


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