Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Romană

The navigating personnel from the Romanian military aviation requesting the obtaining of licenses and qualifications / authorizations compliant with the FCL part must address to AACR. The flight knowledge and experience gained during military service will be recognized in accordance with the relevant requirements for obtaining the licenses and qualifications / authorizations provided in the FCL, depending on the credit report prepared by AACR.
The knowledge, experience and skills acquired during military service are credited for the purposes of the relevant requirements in accordance with the elements of a credit report prepared by AACR in consultation with the agency.
The credit report must contain the following:
(i) national requirements on the basis of which military licenses, certificates, qualifications and / or authorizations have been issued;
(ii) privileges granted to pilots;
(iii) specify for which of the requirements in Annex I the lending is granted;
(iv) specify all limitations that must be included on FCL compliant licenses and all requirements that must be met by pilots to remove those limitations;
(v) include copies of all documents necessary to prove the above elements (military patent, radiotelephony certificate, flight book, medical certificate, syllabus of the training course, transcript), accompanied by copies of the relevant national requirements and procedures . As the case may be, AACR may subsequently request other supporting documents.
Experience gained on military synthetic flight devices (simulators) will not be credited unless this equipment complies with FSTD certification regulations.
Credit for the experience as a PIC is made for flights performed as:
(i) PP - prime pilot;
(ii) SC - simple command flight.
The following multi-engine military aircraft are considered for crediting the ME experience:
(i) Airplanes: AN 24/26/30, C 130, MIG 29, IL 28;
(ii) Helicopters: IAR 330, Mi-8, MI-17, EC-135, SA-365.
The following single-engine military aircraft are considered for SE experience credit:
(i) Airplanes: AN 2, YAK 52, IAR 823, IAR 99, MIG 21/23, MIG 29, L 29, L 39;
(ii) Helicopters: IAR-316B.
The flow-chart diagrams for obtaining civil licenses according to Part FCL, by crediting the military experience can be found in PIAC CPN Chapter 8.

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