Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Romană

The examination for the issue of cabin crew member attestation shall be held after completion of the initial training course in an approved training organization in accordance with ARA.CC.200. The examination subjects shall include all the elements of the training syllabus according to the provisions of Regulation (EU) no. 1178/2011, Appendix 1 to Part CC, except for the training on crew resource management (CRM).

The examination for Communication in English includes:

  • a written test, in English, which lasts 20 minutes and contains 15 questions with multiple answers, with one correct answer.
  • a speaking test that focuses on communication elements between cabin crew members, in English, with the simultaneous attendance of 2 candidates. The speaking test contains the following elements:
  1. candidates must read an announcement on board the aircraft and identify synonyms related to the job of cabin crew members;
  2. role-plays between the two candidates based on four situations that may occur on board the aircraft, at different phases of the flight, between passengers or between cabin crew members;
  3. candidates must answer aviation-related open questions with emphasis on the duties and responibilities of cabin crew member.

The pass mark is 75% for each test.

The speaking test is audio-recorded and stored for an unlimited time in order to ensure traceability. The speaking test form in Annex 85 to the PAC-FCL edition 1/2021 is used.

The theoretical knowledge examinations are carried out exclusively at the RCAA headquarters, in accordance with annual theoretical knowledge examinations sittings approved at the RCAA level.

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