Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Romană

The Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority, in order to fulfill its duties regarding ensuring and maintaining a high level of safety and security in the Romanian civil aeronautics, has developed and maintains a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and designed, documented, implemented and maintains the compliance monitoring function of specific activities with the applicable requirements of EU regulations.

These activities contribute to achieve the RO CAA objectives regarding the increase of the activities effectiveness in supervising the safety and security of the civil aviation in Romania.

The RO CAA General Director is committed to ensure the function of flight safety supervision in Romania by providing activities at high quality standards, giving confidence to all customers and stakeholders by continuously improving its processes and activities, preventing potential deficiencies, increasing responsibilities and the degree of involvement of all staff, with respect to the principles of impartiality, transparency, confidentiality, competence, procesual approach, risk-based thinking, recognition and appreciation of employee results and the ability to respond to their requests and complaints.

Last update: 28/03/2022, 06:58:59