Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Romană

In accordance with Art. 3, para. (1) of the Romanian Government Decision no. 1,074 of September 5, 2007 and of Chapter III of the Annex to the Order of the Minister of Transport no. 1261/2007 of November 30, 2007 for the approval of the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Regulation RACR - PM “Environmental Protection”, edition 3/2007, modified by the Order of the Minister of Transport no. 1480/2016, in exceptional, well-justified cases, the Ministry of Transport, through RCAA, may grant authorizations for the temporary use at airports located in Romania of subsonic civil jet aircraft, with a maximum take-off mass of 34,000 kg or more or with a maximum certified passenger transport configuration for that airplane type greater than 19 seats, excluding seats reserved for the crew and not acoustically certified in accordance with the standards specified in Part II, chap. 3, Vol. I of ICAO Annex 16, as follows:

  1. a) airplanes used in operations which by their exceptional nature would make it unreasonable not to grant a temporary authorization, as follows:

(i) flight operations exclusively for the transport, in official missions, of a reigning monarch and close family members, heads of state, heads of government and ministers, if the flight status is accordingly indicated in the flight plan;
(ii) search and rescue flight operations authorized by the competent authorities;
(iii) humanitarian flight operations, medical evacuation, cargo transport in calamity areas and firefighting;
(iv) individual cargo operations only at the aerodromes listed below for which the aircraft operator, together with the beneficiary of the transport, demonstrates that, due to the nature of the cargo carried, no other type of aircraft can be used;

The airports in Romania for which authorizations for temporary use can be granted for individual cargo transport operations (according to the Annex to RACR - PM 3.015) are the following:

  • Baia Mare / Baia Mare (LRBM)
  • Bucharest / Henri Coandă (LROP)
  • Constanţa / Mihail Kogălniceanu - Constanţa (LRCK)
  • Satu Mare / Satu-Mare (LRSM)
  • Suceava / Ştefan cel Mare - Suceava (LRSV)
  • Targu Mures / Transylvania - Targu Mures (LRTM)
  • Timisoara / Traian Vuia (LRTR)
  • Tulcea / Danube Delta (LRTC)

(v) flight operations exclusively for training for the purpose of obtaining / revalidating / renewing a flight license or qualification of the flight crew, if it is properly indicated in the flight plan;
(vi) flight operations in emergency situations due to technical causes, adverse weather conditions, medical emergencies or other force majeure;

  1. b) airplanes used in non-profit flight operations for the purpose of performing aircraft modification, repair or maintenance works.

In the cases referred to in position (iv), authorizations shall be issued to the air operator and not to the beneficiary of the transport.

Air operators must submit applications for authorizations, at least 5 days before the flight (except in the situations listed in position (vi), when the application will be submitted after landing, to:

Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority

Bucharest-Ploieşti Road no. 38-40, RO-013695, Bucharest, Romania
Tel: + 40-21-2081500
Fax: + 40-21-2081583
+ 40-21-2334077

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