Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Romană

On April 4.5, 2013, AACR participated in POLIFEST 2013, the event that aims to contribute to the development of collaboration between universities in the country and the socio-economic environment in Romania, represented through some of the potential employers in the field.


Being one of them, AACR as a potential beneficiary of human resources who complete their training in higher education institutions, is permanently concerned about the quality of their training.

In this sense, the representative of AACR, Mr. Lucian NICOLESCU presented the opportunities that the graduates of UPB, UTC, as well as of other technical higher education institutions and not only, to work in the aeronautical industry in ROMANIA.


 Starting from the challenges posed by the activity in the field of civil aviation, doubled by a conscious evaluation of the aptitudes of each person, numerous opportunities for work in the various specialized fields of civil aviation were identified and presented.


Our institution will continue in the future the activity of presenting the opportunities regarding the employment in this field, with the conviction that the safe development of the civil aviation depends to a large extent on the quality and professionalism of those involved in its management.

ROMAERO, a traditional institution of the Romanian aviation industry, was also present at this presentation together with AACR.