Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Romană

No fly zone implemented in HLLLFIR in accordance with HL NOTAM A0207/14.
Overflights through the HLLLFIR are prohibited until further notice.
The following HL aerodromes are available for international flights: HLLQ/HLTQ/HLKF/HLMS/HLZW

Operators are urged to contact the Malta Air Traffic Services airspace cell
on email for further information on flight planning to access the international HL aerodromes due to severe ATM/CNS limitations in HLLL airspace.

* for owners of an AOC issued by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) refer to Notam

Additional information in the EASA Safety Information Bulletin 2014-23.

Operators should also be aware of Notam A6162/14 LFBB (France) and Notam A4814/14 LIMM (Italy).

The following HL aerodromes are closed:

HLTD is closed UFN, NOTAM A0824/14 refers.

The following HL aerodromes are available in accordance with the MRS:

HLLQ/HLMS/HLTQ/HLKF are available 24H.
HLZW is available from sunrise to sunset.

All traffic departing from Libyan Airports are not permitted to land at HECA (Cairo intl Airport). NOTAM HE A0364/14.

Malta ATS is in constant contact with the Libyan ATM authorities over this developing security situation in Tripoli. On behalf of Malta ATS we kindly advise operators that they can contact MATS on:

Due to the developing situation, these two DCT segments have been made available WIE:

TISAL DCT RASNO Odd levels FL285-460
(to allow alternative routing due to HLLLFIR MRS)

OLMAX DCT DINUX Even levels FL195-460
(to allow alternative routing due to HLLLFIR MRS)

NMOC Brussels