Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Romană

The activities of AACR have been found, for 19 years now, in a legislative table that reflects, at the same time, the value and complexity of the attributions that our institution has in the field of civil aviation in Romania.

19 years ago, in one of Romania's official monitors, the tariffs that represented the official start of AACR activities were published, the means that, over time, would contribute to increasing the level of aviation safety in Romania. GD 33/1994 came to complete GD 405/1993, thus becoming two strong legislative instruments, without which AACR would not have been what it is today for the Romanian civil aviation.

As the legal support was established, starting with February 28, 1994, all the operating and investment expenses of AACR, fully insured from the revenues registered following the achievement of its object of activity, had as priority objective the safety of civil aviation in Romania.

We remain faithful to the belief and desire to have, in the near future, an aviation and a civil aviation industry as strong as possible!

Mihaela Tămăşdan