UAV - Flights Under the Safe Height

Authorization of flights under the minimum safety height - UAV

In accordance with Article 5 , para. (1) of the Minister of Transport Order no. 8/2014 "on the establishment of operating conditions in the national airspace for civilian unmanned powered aircraft" the provisions of the Government Decision no. 912/2010 " for the approval of the authorization of flights in the national airspace, and the conditions under which civil aircraft taking off and landing can be made from/to other land or water surfaces than certified aerodromes, as amended and supplemented, when undertaking civil air operations in national airspace" are applicable and binding on all operators of civil unmanned powered aircraft.

Thus, in accordance with with the provisions of Article 12 of Government Decision no . 912/2010, as amended and supplemented, civil unmanned powered aircraft operators must submit an application form along with supporting documentation listed in the contents of the form.

Submit the scanned application form completed along with supporting documents by e-mail at at least 2 working days before the flight or series of flights (maximum total size of attached documents is 10MB ). RoCAA response will be sent by e-mail and/or by fax to the address and the fax number provided by the applicant.

Coordinates/maps/drawings related to the area of operation can be determined/made ​​using any application available ( eg Google Earth , Google Maps, etc.). They must show the geographical boundaries for the intended operation, directions used and any other information necessary to determine the degree of flight safety assurance.