General aviation operations

Until 25.08.2016 for EASA type certified aircraft and exclusive for Anex II aircraft after the specified date operations are performed according to the provisions of Romanian Civil Aeronautical Regulation/Aerial Work and General Aeronautical Operations, issue 01/2009 published in Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no. 204/31.03.2009 RACR-OPS LAAG / Aerial Work and General Aeronautical Operations;
After 25.08,2016 the operations will be conducted according to Regulution (EU) 965/2012 amended and modified Part NCC and Part NCO 

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On the Romanian terrytory, general aviation operations can be performed with aircraft other than ultralight aircraft, in accordance with the provisions of RACR-OPS LAAG / "Aerial Work and General Aviations Operations", part II.

General Aviation Operations are those operations performed by air operators, person or legal person with aircraft such as:

- A. Complex motor powered aircraft;

- B. Non complex motor powered aircraft;


A. According to RACR OPS 2.175 complex motor powered aircraft means:
1. Airplanes
a. With a maximum take-off mass exceeding 5 700 kg; or
b. With a maximum approved passenger seating configuration of more than 19 pax ; or
c. That requires more than one pilot; or
d. Equipped with single or multi-engine aeroplanes powered by turbo propeller engines.
2. Helicopters
a. With a maximum take-off mass exceeding 3175 kg; or
b. With a maximum approved passenger seating configuration of more than 9 pax ; or
c. That requires more than one pilot.
3. Tilt Rotor aircraft.

B. Non complex aircraft means aircraft other than aicraft specified at A, except ultralight aircraft.


(a) For general aviation operatios performed with complex motor powered aircraft, the owner must nominate a person, acceptable to the Authority, which will be responsible that the operations are performed in safety conditions. The accepted person must send a Procedures Manual for the approval of the RCAA. 
General aviation operatios with complex motor powered aircraft can be performed only after the approval of the Procedures Manual and the acceptance of the nominated person.

(b) When general aviation operations are performed with aircraft other than complex motor powered aircraft the responsability for the operations rests with the pilot in command.

Maintenance system has to be in place according to RACR-OPS 0.875.