All together, serving Civil Aviation
All together, serving Civil Aviation
Informari de siguranta (SIB)

Informări de siguranță (SIB)

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CASA-2018-11 Safety Information Bulletin: Bell Helicopter 206 Helicopters - Unporting of Fuel Boost Pump
NM-18-33 Safety Information Bulletin: Boeing 717, 737, 747, 757, 767, 787, MD-11 and MD-90 Aeroplanes - Fuel Control Switch Locking
2018-20 Main Rotor Mast, Tail Boom Fittings and Transmission Shaft – Corrosion Protection Improvement
CE-18-24 Textron Aviation Beechjet 400, 400A, 400T & MU-300-10 Aeroplanes - Flap Cable Inspection
CE-18-25 Piper Aircraft, inc. (Piper) Model PA-28-140 airplanes with Power Flow Systems, Inc. Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SA02168AT kit - carburetor throttle control arm bracket impacting the collector assembly
2018-13 Airbus Helicopters (AH) Safety Information Notice (SIN) No. 3246-S-29
2018-14 Use of Quarter-Turn Ball Valves on Liquid Gas Cylinders in Balloon Operations
2018-15 Use of Water Surfaces as Helicopter Safe Forced Landing Areas
2018-16 Use of Restraint Systems in Helicopter Operations
2018-17 Liquid Penetrant Inspection / Use of Visible Dye Penetrant
NE-18-27 Continental Motors Inc. (incl. RR Continental) - Engine Rocker Shaft Boss Inspection
2018-04R1 Environmentally Assisted Cracking in certain Aluminium Alloys
2018-18 Use of Restraint Systems and Pilot Back Protection during Parachute Operations
2018-19 FlySmart+ Applications for iPad – Change of Runway Entry Not Taken Into Account in Take-Off
SAFO 18012 Weight and Balance Calculations
2017-13R1 EASA SUP webpage for information on confirmed unapproved parts, SUP under
investigation, and stolen parts
2018-17R1 Revision 1 SIB 2018-7  Liquid Penetrant Inspection / Use of Visible Dye Penetrant
SW-18-31 Aspen Avionics, Inc. - Display Systems installed by Supplementary Type Certificate No. SA10822SC
CE-18-32 Textron Aviation Model 208B Aeroplanes - Engine Oil System (Airframe Furnished) - Flapper Check
Valve Failure
2018-18R1 Revision 1 SIB 2018-18 Use of Restraint systems and Pilot back Protection during
Parachute Operations